Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Stop Reinfection of Wounds/Bedsores

One issue with patients with chronic wounds, in many cases, is the wound itself is not chronic but a normal healing wound and is either consistently reinjured or reinfected. This is especially so with patients who are incontinent and have wounds below their waist.

A very simple method to prevent reinfection from feces or urinary incontinency is to always expose the skin/bed materials to 254 nanometer ultraviolet when changing dressing or as a routine precaution. It takes only 2 minutes or so but one wound simply wave the V-254 Wound Lamp over the patient's skin and the bed linens to kill any bacteria that was present around the wound itself. This is done after exposing the contaminated wound to the V-254 lamp for approximately 60 seconds.

The V-254 is FDA approved for pathogen irradication on intact skin. The migratory process can be stopped by killing the pathogens so there is nothing to migrate, thus no reinfection which hampers the normal healing processes.


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