Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wound Healing Using Electricity

How Infrex Unit works video is about the principles of interferential therapy versus what is called TENS therapy. This video is about pain but similar type devices are used to accelerate wound healing. There have been some reports of tens units being used for accelerated healing rates.

Generally speaking electrotherapy is not used to destroy pathogens/bacteria. That is best accomplished by the use of 254 nanometer ultraviolet light the V-254 Wound Lamp emits.

In the wound healing arena the type device used is generally what is called a "pulsed galvanic stimulator" ( aka high voltage, PGS, ). The distinction with a PGS/HV stimulator is the stimulator emits a series of direct current polarities, ie. positive or negative charges. It is generally acknowledged that when the wound "plateaus" or ceases to continue to heal at a rapid rate, then the polarity of the tissues has reversed and by now switching the underlying tissue polarity back then the healing rate is increased. All of this is going on on the cellular level and some of the clinical work is duplicative of what one finds when we discuss healing non-union fractures with electricity.

Later I will add to this discussion ( although right now it's pretty one sided - mea alone!!!).


tahera said...
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tahera said...

This is something which I wasn't aware about. Thank you for posting new ways for healing wound