Thursday, December 6, 2007

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This blog is intended to educate on the use of ultraviolet light to accelerate wound repair and also eradication of pathogens on the skin and in the wound bed.

Our posts are intended to educate, not persuade, and also to dismiss the many factual errors that are prevalent when one discusses the use of ultraviolet energy for health purposes. One of the most abused myths is that ultraviolet in the 254 nanometer range is a carcinogenic agent. It is not. On higher wavelengths it is but not on the shorwave energy we discuss.

Also there is no none pathogens that has ever been able to mutate as a result of exposure to shortwave UV energy. 254 nanonmeter UV waves do not allow the further advancement of bacteria, such as MRSA or VRE, which is causing so many problems today due to their ability to mutate and adapt to the latest in antibiotics.

Hope you find this blog interesting,informative and you will add your knowledge to this body of science. Our web site.


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